Frequently Asked Questions

How can I organise Positive Optics to come to my office?


Complete our contact form to organise a visit. A member of our Eye Team will contact you for a 10 minute chat to discuss your options.


Who coordinates the visit?


A dedicated member of the Eye Team will be assigned to you to do all the heavy lifting. From marketing material and employee signups, to the visit logistics, they do it all!

How long does it take to setup a visit?


We like to give you and your team plenty of notice before our visit, so we usually begin planning visits 6-8 weeks in advance. As we do all of the leg work, it only requires an hour or so of your team’s time. We handle the rest.

How often do you schedule your visit?


To keep on top of your employees eye health and vision needs we like to visit every year.

Who does the marketing? 


We will provide your team with all the marketing materials to promote the eye health check visit. We will also directly send employees information about their upcoming eye exam appointments after they have booked a time, and then to remind them of their annual eye exam. Our own marketing material will be sent out to employees who have explicitly chose to sign up for it.

Do you sell glasses?


We do provide a copy of the patient’s prescription at the end of their eye exam to use at any optometrist they choose. At this stage we do not sell glasses.

What is the minimum number of employees per visit?


Our usual minimum is 10 patients per day, with a $149 dollar fee per patient below this. If you have any concerns please message us via the contact form in the link below.