Boost employee wellbeing, retention and productivity

Our optometrists provide comprehensive 20 minute eye exams for staff at your workplace

How it works

We bring the optometrist to your office, boosting your employee’s wellbeing while saving your company money and employees time in 4 easy steps!

1. Schedule an on-site visit; we provide you with event marketing materials. We currently service the Adelaide Metro area.

2. Employees easily book appointments online; we handle their Medicare rebates.

3. We bring our portable eye testing equipment with a qualified optometrist. We require just a 2×2 meter space for eye exams. Your conference room will do!

4. Employees are back at their desk in less than 30 minutes.

Why Choose Us

At Positive Optics, we make healthcare easier and more convenient to companies and employees. We create healthier, happier employees, boost recruitment and retention, and help companies save future healthcare costs through easy access to preventative care.

Show employees they are valued to boost recruitment and retention. Boost staff morale and wellbeing.

We save employees time, and improve convenience of having regular eye exams.

Preventative care identifies costly health problems earlier. Conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and glaucoma can be detected.

At the end of the eye exam employees are given a copy of their prescription to use anywhere and anytime they choose.


Of staff chose employers based on wellness programs


Is saved in productivity cost per $1 dollar spent on preventative eye care


Is lost in productivity per worker with undiagnosed vision issues

Our Mission

Our mission at Positive Optics is to provide clear vision conveniently, efficiently and at a great price.

Be Seen By Positive Optics At Work

Interested in bringing the Positive Optics team to your company for staff eye exams? Learn how you can do something amazing for employees and simplify their eye care.

About Us

At Positive Optics we aim to make first class eye care to be more convenient by making it mobile and readily accessible.